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Su Walker best psychic About Psychic and medical intuitive Su Walker:

Su Walker is an internationally known clairvoyant, psychic and medical intuitive. For over 20 years she has assisted police, the FBI, the CIA, CEO's, doctors, chiropractors, psychologists, investors, actors, artists and people from all walks of life. Su will perform a psychic reading or medical intuitive reading for you over the telephone.

Her clairvoyant credentials include:

Volunteering on over two dozen murder investigations and half a dozen missing children cases, using remote viewing to assist in describing locations long distance.

Work for former CIA researcher, Dr. Dale Graff (Project Stargate II) regarding terrorist attacks targets on US soil.

Regular daily psychic phone reading consulting with CEO's on corporate operations, sales and quarterly financial predictions as well as examination of employees work abilities and ethics.

Quarterly stock and high risk portfolio investment projections for major international financial firms.

Detailed psychic readings on legal matters, both for plaintiffs and attorneys regarding outcomes of cases. Analysis of strategies and tactics that will be used by the opposing sides in lawsuits.

Medical intuitive work with MD's, DOs and chiropractors regarding difficult diagnosis.

Nutritional counseling and teaching of individuals to assist in improving their immune systems and helping them understand specifically what their bodies need in order to heal.

Has appeared on world-wide television shows like Psychic Detectives, and Dead Famous.

Like Edgar Cayce, Su works best in a question and answer format. By taking someone's full name, birth-date and location, she is able to psychically access general (past, present and future) as well as medical information that surrounds an individual, company, or situation.

Here is Su's method of clairvoyance, and how a psychic reading takes place:

When I want to do psychic work, I start with a blank sheet of paper. I get comfortable, take a calming breath, mentally put aside everything else I've been thinking about up to that moment, and then I begin.

Paying attention intuitively to whatever comes my way, in whatever format, I write out a person's full name, birth-date, and present location in the upper left-hand corner of my paper. In the upper right corner, I put todays date and time. Under all of this, I draw a line, almost as if I'm separating the here and now from anything that comes to me in a multi-sensory format.

As I write down someones name, I pay attention to anything (words, images) "whispering" in the back of my thoughts because from the very beginning of a session I am open to intuitive input. Sometimes a persons first name will stand out as solid around them, but not their last name, (which can have a transient or non-permanent feelings especially if the name will be changing soon.) On occasion, as I write down the city and state where the individual resides, I get the sense that this particular place won't be associated with them for long. As I'm writing the birth-date, often things that surround the length of their life or their health may flash by briefly (how many more birthdays will they have for instance.) I don't necessarily ask for this information, but I do stay open to it and anything else that comes my way spontaneously.

Next, I take a moment and quiet myself more, shutting out all other sounds and interference. Sometimes I close my eyes, other times I simply focus on a blank spot on my paper, on the wall, or on the ground around me. Then, I pose the question in my mind that my client wishes to have answered and pay attention; watching, listening and feeling for any response that comes to me.

Because I am very visually oriented, I've learned to "watch" the pictures that are continually going on in my head behind the scenes. As I focus on the name of the paper in front of me and hold the question in my mind, images start to flow in rapid succession. Names, phrases, moving images, still images, emotions, locations, dates.. these all surround the people, places, objects and situations I look at psychically. I have learned to trust that what I see, feel and perceive has a high degree of accuracy. I prefer to work in a detailed question and answer format. When a client comes to me with their questions prepared beforehand, I can get more information, faster, for them.

When I pose a question, there is ALWAYS a response. Let me repeat that. There is ALWAYS a response when I seek answers to a question. It may not be exactly what my client or I expect, but the universe always seems to have an answer. The response may come in small puzzle pieces, or it may present a whole lot of overlapping information that's like a thick sheaf of transparencies that I have to sort out one by one.

The level of detail I receive is extraordinary. Dates and places come easily to me, the consonant sounds of names often surface. Other details my client does not ask, but the Universe deems pertinent for them to know will hit me hard. Connections between people and events often have a red line connecting them. Medical intuitive information comes in layers and layers, from the energy around the body, to the cellular detail, to the body's internal chemistry and nutrition.

All information I receive I pass on in as much detail as I am capable to my clients. I will never withhold information, and will always describe my perceptions in as detailed, honest and accurate a format as I am able. All readings are totally confidential.

I have developed a free psychic development class which can be downloaded. FREE TELEPATHY COURSE

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Su is often available for general psychic and medical intuitive phone readings the same day you call.  Please be sure to leave a voice mail with your full name, telephone number and a good time to call you back.

Office hours
Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 6 PM Mountain Time
Saturday from 10 AM to 2 PM.
Other weekend reading times are available on request.

The Inner Visions office is located in the Mountain Time Zone (USA).  If you are on the East Coast, you are two hours ahead time wise.  If on the West Coast, you are one hour behind.

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