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What does clairvoyant mean?


Clairvoyant is a French word that means clear seeing. Information comes to the individual in the form of detailed visual images. This is different from other psychic specialties like clairaudience (clean hearing) or clairsentience (clear sensing.)

How accurate are your psychic skills?

While I have never been formally tested in a controlled psychic lab, I always ask the detectives and investigators I work with for feedback as they are usually my staunchest critics. After an investigation, they usually give me an accuracy of 70% plus for the details in the cases I work on.

How did you know you were psychic?

From the time I was a child of 9, I knew I had dreams that came true, lots of deja vu and telepathic experiences. I didn't realize that the images I get when I close my eyes were real vs. imagination until I was almost thirty.

How did you get started in your business?

In my mid-twenties, I joined a meditation group that taught me various meditation techniques from a whole variety of different disciplines (Rudolph Steiner, Edgar Cayce, TM, guided meditations, Native American focus, Buddhist techniques, etc.) I found that when I dropped into a meditative state and focused on a person, the images that I had perceived randomly for years shifted to images that surrounded that particular person. I also found that when I posed a question in my head about that person, the images responded to and answered the question. For me, these images come in overlapping multiple layers, as if each piece of information was on its own transparency sheet. Many times you'll hear me say in a reading, "get your pen and paper, there's a lot here." That means that there are lots and lots of layers of information that I perceive and have to sort and sift through.

Is there a way to tell a real psychic from a scam artist?

Most of the honest psychics I know advertise with their whole real name. If you are seeking a reading from someone whose title is "Madam" or "Sister" or even "Mrs. (insert common last name here)" you might want to check into their references a little more. Real readers will not fish for information from you, nor will they purposefully try and increase your fear about a particular situation. Also, be wary of psychics who promise things that are too good to be true. I find real psychics don't try to sell you trinkets at an inflated price. A common scam line is "don't tell anyone what I've told you" and "you have to come back and see me again next week." An honest practitioner will be able to tell you exactly what they charge for a reading either per question, per session, or per minute without hesitation. Be wary of those who say to you, "for more money I can get you more information."

Do you believe in God?

Absolutely. I honestly believe that I was provided my gifts by God/Goddess/Higher Power to help people.

Do you work with the police on cases?

Yes, I volunteer time on murder and missing person cases several times a year. In the last 15 years I have worked on cases involving missing children, adults, homicides, questioned suicides and theft cases from all over the United States. I work locally here in Iowa and have worked with the CIA, the FBI, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to name a few.

What do you think of 800 and 900 psychic lines?

I honestly think you take pot luck in the skill level of these folks. Sometimes you find someone who is fabulous, and other times you don't get a reader than can provide details worth a darn. What I really object to is that the 900 lines charge you for providing your own billing information like name, address, and credit card number. That sort of information usually takes several minutes at the beginning of a reading and you should never have to pay someone to give that information to them!

If you ask me for my birth date, aren't you doing astrology?

No, while I know a little about beginning astrology I don't ask for that reason at all. When you have me look at another person to get information about them, I want to make sure I am getting things on the RIGHT person. For instance, if you ask me about Thomas James Smith, there are probably several hundred men by that name in the United States. If you ask about Thomas James Smith in Los Angeles, California, there are probably still at least a dozen. But if you ask about Thomas James Smith who resides in Los Angeles, California who was born on March 27, 1965, chances are there is only one. Having the birthdate provided also helps me sort out family members, such as Thomas James Smith Jr. from Thomas James Smith Sr. who are both residing in the same area.

You asked me to bring a photo of the person I asked about if I had one.. why?

Photos aren't crucial with what I do at all in psychic readings, but because I am so visual, I often pick up extra information from photos that I might not have otherwise. It just provides me with an extra gateway of information. I tell my clients, "if you happen to have a current photo, bring it," but it's not absolutely necessary.

How can you do psychic or medical intuitive readings for people who are not in the room with you. Don't you have to see them or hear their voice?

No, having the person present for a psychic reading is not necessary at all. I don't pick up the information by looking at them or listening to them, although similar to using the photos is certainly does add to the information I can get if I see someone in person. When you do a reading with me here at my office, you will notice I use a sketch pad to write your name on. The unlined white paper provides me with a blank screen to help see the images form a little more clearly. For a medical intuitive reading, I use the sketch pad all the time, to draw out your body.

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