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Filming with Court TV and the Psychic Detectives In the middle of October, I spent a wonderful week working with a four person film crew from Court TV’s Psychic Detectives show. A cameraman, director, co director and filming assistant flew in from New York city to film an episode about a missing person case I worked on in the late 1990s. While this was not my first experience filming with a nationally syndicated television show, it was the first time a one of the many investigative cases I’ve assisted with was the main focus.

While we were in the height of beautiful Iowa fall foliage, the weather was cold and a little on the misty side. For several days we filmed outside in woods, cornfields, parks and roadways. The deputy sheriff I originally worked with from Madison County, Bill Bartleson, met us and we got a chance to get reacquainted while recreating scenes searching for the man (Jimmy Voll) from Des Moines, Iowa who had gone missing.

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Because of the nature of the crew trying to film things efficiently in their week long stay, not all the shots were filmed in the original “time order.” I quickly discovered that when you are in front of the camera, it’s hard to get a sense for what things look and feel like. I will be as interested as anyone in seeing how the final product turns out.

Court TV's Psychic Detectives is a television show that tells the stories of cases where psychics were called in to work alongside law enforcement officials to help solve difficult cases. The episode featuring Su originally aired in July 2007.


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